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Händler gesucht?

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3 April 2020

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,

We hope you and your loved ones are in good health!

To cope with the unprecedented situation we are currently experiencing, SEFAC Group is making every effort to protect the health of its employees, partners and customers while maintaining a reduced activity in the plant. This is our number one priority.

In this context, we have taken the following actions:

Maintaining the suspension of interventions on the ground in effect since March 16, except requisition or express request from competent authorities or undertakings of „vital activities“, for emergency operations designed to ensure continuity of service until further notice.
In this case, you can contact us at intervention@sefac.fr.

Normal business within the limits of the conditions dictated by government directives and the availability of our suppliers; we continue to maintain a reduced activity in the plant, particularly to advance ongoing projects;

The situation is likely to change without notice based on random external elements not controlled by the Company.

Emmanuel de Rohan Chabot
SEFAC Group President